Graduate Enrollment Without Borders: Overcoming International Challenges to Attract the World’s Best Students

During this webinar, David Berkowitz, Ph.D., dean of graduate studies at the University of Alabama in Huntsville, will offer his perspective on issues influencing international graduate enrollment before COVID-19 and which of these trends will be exacerbated or reversed by the pandemic. Contextualizing the challenges of 2020 within larger global trends will help programs identify strategies for better reaching and engaging best-fit students in both the near future and for years to come. Attendees will gain new insights into the tools and practices this innovative school has utilized to overcome recent hurdles in order to future-proof yield against whatever tomorrow brings. 

Attendees will learn about:

  • The latest data on the composition of graduate student bodies, and how this may challenge previous assumptions about those who are seeking American advanced degrees in popular fields like engineering, business and science.
  • Current national and global factors impacting graduate programs in the U.S.
  • Examples of how an institution has leveraged innovative technology or practices to overcome these challenges.


Kitty Didion
Vice President
Science, Engineering and Technology Practice, The Didion Group
Former Executive Director
Women in Engineering ProActive Network (WEPAN)


David Berkowitz, Ph.D.
Dean of Graduate Studies
University of Alabama in Huntsville

Scott Mallen
President, EMP Division

identify strategies for better reaching and engaging best-fit students

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