On-Demand Webinar

Doing More with Data: Innovative Strategies to Inform Strategic Decision-Making

When faced with the challenges of reaching new applicant pools, the constraints of finite resources and a general lack of on-demand information, George Mason University’s School of Business took matters into their own hands. By adding a layer of consistency to their data and organizing it to reflect trends in real time, they improved their ability to make strategic decisions, advocate for their department and exceed their enrollment goals.

In this session, Jackie Buchy, Sr. Assistant Dean of Graduate Enrollment, and Kevin Connor, Assistant Director of Enrollment and Analytics, will highlight the practices that made this possible and share tips for getting more out of the data your institution already collects. Attendees will see how this has shaped their recruitment efforts, fostered greater transparency across their university and made it easier to procure additional resources. Most importantly, these techniques are available to anyone with an Excel spreadsheet and the desire to make better decisions on a faster timeline.

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